5 Dog Friendly Hikes In The Lower Mainland

The sun is out and everyone’s ready to play! In the Greater Vancouver area, there are so many easy, pet friendly hiking trails. Taking your dog out for a neighbourhood walk is good, but getting in a longer more adventurous hike is great (for the both of you)! A long walk and fresh air, while enjoying the day together, is a perfect way to enjoy the all-beautiful scenery that the lower mainland has to offer.

We have compiled a list of five dog-friendly hikes to enjoy this spring and summer – and some are even accessible year round! These trails vary in difficulty, perfect for the beginners and also more seasoned hikers.

Quarry Rock, North Vancouver – Open year round, Quarry Rock is an easy hike located in Deep Cove. It roughly takes an hour and a half to complete this hike and packs in 3.8km for you and your dog! Once you finish your hike you can take your dog for a walk around the water and enjoy the scenery while relaxing from your hike!

Burns Bog Delta Nature Reserve, Delta – Another shorter trail, at 3km this walk takes an hour and a half to complete. It is easy to do, open year round and is pet friendly! This is the largest domed peat bog in the world, covering over 40 square kilometers; only a small section of this sensitive ecosystem is open to the public.

Gold Creek Falls, Maple Ridge – This hike has a little bit of an incline, but overall is a steady trail. Spanning over 5.5km and a 2 hour round trip, this hike allows you to walk along the river leaving plenty of pit stop opportunities for you and your dog! If you find yourself there on a warmer day, don’t hesitate to hang out by the water and enjoy a quick dip (as we’re sure your dog will do)!

Buntzen Lake, Port Moody – Buntzen Lake is located in the mountains of Port Moody, surrounded by bodies of water and with the ocean not too far away, it creates the perfect scene for a hike! This dog friendly trail is 8km long and spans over 3.5 hours. Once you get to the top you will see the breathtaking views Port Moody has to offer!

Burnaby Lake, Burnaby – This is the largest lake in all of the lower mainland, Burnaby Lake has a lengthy 10km trail surround its perimeter. The average time around is 2 hours, and this trail is accessible via both transit and vehicles. It’s a great walk for your dog because there is little elevation, so it won’t tire them out easily!

We encourage owners take their dogs out on hikes for many reasons: It helps to socialize them with other people and dogs, and gets them out of their regular area to sniff out all the new smells in their surroundings!

When going out for a hike with your dog, don’t forget to always bring collars and leashes, doggy-poop bags, and some fresh water in case Fido gets thirsty on their adventure!