Engaging With Your Dog In The Fall

The leaves are changing and fall is fast approaching. Like with any season, your own routine might change a little to adjust to the weather and this also applies for your dog. The days are shorter and beginning to get colder, which means your dog might not get as much time outside as they do during the summer months. As always, for Fido, a walk is a walk is a walk.. Most dogs are un-phased by a little briskness in the air or a drizzle from the sky and the season’s transition just means a few adjustments need to be made to ensure their exercise regimen remains undisrupted. In the longer warmer days of summer, your dog may have gone for lengthy strolls and participated in more outdoor activities. But just because the fall is here doesn’t mean they have to stop!

You can engage your dog in the same activities, just as you would during the warmer months. Regular play and exercise have a lasting impact on your dog and their health and energy year round, and no matter the weather, Fido will be glad for some quality time with you!

Adjust your walking schedule: To catch the daylight, you may need to walk your dog later in the morning, or earlier in the evening. If you’re not afraid of the dark, there are plenty of options to still get your pet on a stroll. Walking at night is still a great way to get out and burn off some extra energy, but make sure you can see and BE SEEN! Wear a reflective vest (and get one for your dog!), use a collar that lights up or flashes, and bring a flashlight so drivers and other pedestrians will see you and your dog coming.

Fall Hikes: Regardless of your walking schedule, getting out for a hike is an enjoyable activity all year round. Plenty of trails are dog friendly and open in all seasons, and your dog will love the different textures and scents that come with the new environment.

Dog Friendly Activities: Fall is known for pumpkin patches and bonfires – and your dog will often be invited! Across the Lower Mainland, pumpkin patches and corn mazes are open and most welcome dogs of all sizes. This is a fun activity that will not only get them out of their regular routine, but also help them socialize with other people and animals.