Getting Your Dog To The Vet

It is not uncommon for many dogs to dislike going to the vet but there are some simple and easy steps to reduce your dog’s anxiety and fear about office visits. It is very important that you bring your dog to the vet on a leash because it can allow you to retain control and prevent your dog from running away. Additionally, it is just as important to try to make your pet’s experience enjoyable. Consider rewarding your dog with a treat for good behaviour and bringing him/her into our office for a biscuit on days when you don’t have an appointment so your dog will associate our clinic with the treat.

Always stay calm and avoid shouting at or harshly disciplining your dog for poor behaviour; instead, maintain firm control but try to interact with a dog in a way that will not enhance fear. If you are calm and happy, your dog will sense your mood and this may encourage him/her to act accordingly. Try not to let him/her play with many other dogs in the waiting room because it may increase his/her excitement level. Lastly, try bringing your pet’s favourite toy with you so he/she has a comfort from home.