Simple Tips For A Healthy & Happy Indoor Cat

Cat owners have the option whether or not to keep their pet indoors or allow outdoor access. While some believe that keeping your feline friend inside is “unnatural”, others feel it may be for the best. Cats may be kept inside for any number of reasons – location, lessened disease risk, or the high risk of predators in the area.

Regardless of the reason, if you choose to keep your cat indoors, keep in mind that they may need a little extra TLC to keep them active and healthy. While some outdoor cats roam the streets and take advantage of their hunting instincts to keep them fit, the indoor cat has a similar drive and need for stimulation and often craves the kind of excitement that catnip just can’t cure! Keep your cat happy and healthy with a few of our tips.

Keep your cat active

Simple everyday activities like playing with kitty can contribute to keeping them active. Toys can be a great addition to your indoor cat’s health. Not only do they keep your cat busy, but they are able to help promote exercise. Interactive play is a large factor in active health, and running, jumping, and catching are great ways to touch on your cat’s natural instincts while also keeping them active. Try dragging a string or ribbon across the floor, and you will see your cat’s energy come alive!

Portion control

Many people believe indoor cats aren’t as active thus contributing to feline obesity. However, this can be controlled. Promoting an active lifestyle for kitty is one thing, but maintaining their food and treat intake is an additional piece of the puzzle. Just like us, to prevent a little extra ‘insulation’ keep meal time amounts controlled (and no extra treats!).

Give them a little sunshine

It’s no surprise that cats love to sunbathe, so what better idea than to make sure ample space is available to bask in the sun and catch some vitamin D. A window perch is a great spot for catnaps, and as a bonus it adds entertainment for kitty when they get to do a little window watching.

If you acquire your feline as a kitten, it should be easy to establish them to an indoor lifestyle; if not, you may need to work with your previously outdoor cat to help them adapt and create all of the comforts of the outdoors in your home. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing either. If you would like to give your cat a little outdoor time without the worry of them wandering off, sectioning an area of your yard or patio to give them a little roaming time is a great way to do this! They can have their own “Cat-io.”!! Whether your cat lives indoors or outdoors, the most important factor is that your cat leads a happy and healthy life!