Thanksgiving Foods For Pets

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, no doubt you’re already starting to prepare a feast for your family friends.  While most people consider their dogs part of the family, they often don’t get to indulge in the food festivities the wonderful aromas that fill the kitchen may be too much to bear… your dog might even try to sneak a taste! While your normally impeccably-mannered dog is salivating at the table for a plate of their own, your well-meaning guests might be slipping them a morsel or two under the table. In most cases, the foods prepared for Thanksgiving dinner are good, and healthy for your pet; But there are a number that can become pretty dangerous, and of course, any pets with food allergies should absolutely steer clear of ANYTHING not part of their specific diet.

Thanksgiving Taste List

Turkey – a good source of lean protein, turkey can be a great snack for your dog. Before giving them the whole drumstick, reconsider, and give them white meat with no fat or skin, and of course absolutely no bones.

Cranberry Sauce – a small amount of this will not harm your pet, the major concern with this food is the added sugar. If it is all-natural with a very low sugar content, Cranberries can be a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Pumpkin – Cooked or canned your dog will love pumpkin! And no, pumpkin pie filling doesn’t count. Pumpkin has a lot of nutrients and you will often find it as an ingredient in homemade dog biscuits.

Green Beans – Fresh vegetables are a great addition to their diet, so give your dog a couple before you smother them in butter. They’ll think you’re a rock star for that!

Mashed potatoes/Yams – Both potatoes and yams are great complex carbs and full of fiber. Just like the green beans – these are a great treat for your pet, but be sure that they are cooked and served plain.


Take a Pass

Chocolate – What are the holidays without chocolate? Unfortunately, your dog cannot tolerate chocolate and even small amounts can become poisonous to them. Keep your chocolate treats and baked goods far away from you furry friend.

Xylitol – People are always looking for a sugar substitute, but it is so important to remember and look at the ingredients of your prepackaged foods before giving anything to your dog. Xylitol is contained in artificial sweeteners, and it is poisonous and potentially deadly to dogs.

Onions/Garlic – While these might pack the flavour punch you’re looking for, ingestion of large quantities can lead to toxic anemia and death.

Gravy and stuffing – The amount of fat in gravy is not good for your dog to digest, along with the seasonings and other components that make up the stuffing and gravy, including onions and garlic, even using sage, could make what seems like a treat and unwanted experience.

If you are ever concerned or don’t know what is safe to feed your pet, don’t be afraid to reach out to a veterinarian.