5 Tips For Bringing Home A New Kitten

Did you just buy a kitten? Here are 5 tips to prepare!

If you have recently decided to add a cute kitten to your household, you are in for a wave of love coming your way! Those purring bundles of fur are so much fun and make wonderful companions. Here are a few kitten care tips to prepare yourself, and your home, for raising a new kitten:

1.    Shop for items to keep your kitty (and you!) happy

  • You will want to get some small food and water bowls as well as some kitten-formulated food.  This is important for the growth of your kitten until they are a year of age when they can then make the switch to an adult cat food.  

  • Get a sturdy litter box (we advise one with a cover over it to lessen the amount of litter that gets kicked out) and a high quality litter and scooper.  

  • Find them a soft bed and place it in a warm, low-traffic area of your house. If you can place it somewhere that gets some sunlight that’s even better!

  • A carpet-covered scratching post or pad is a great idea to discourage the common kitten behaviour of clawing furniture.  

  • And last but not least, don’t forget some kitten toys to keep them occupied…they have a lot of energy!    

2.    Prepare your home for a rambunctious little feline

  • Secure any drape or blind cords up high and out of reach to prevent tangling or choking.

  • Bundle electrical and phone cords and fasten them out of reach so they cannot be chewed on.  

  • Remove poisonous plants as well as any bug/rodent traps.  

  • Keep the toilet lid down and washer and dryer doors closed.  

  • Keep any cleaning supplies or chemicals locked up.  Remember, if it is harmful to a child then it is harmful to a kitten!

3.    Teach the young members of your family how to interact with your kitten

Take the time to show your small children how to hold and pet the kitten gently.  The kiddos will surely be excited but try to keep them quiet during that first introduction so as not to startle the kitten.

4.    Introduce your kitten to resident pets of the home

Make sure you are present during the first few times your new kitten comes into contact with any pets already residing in the home.  If there is any growling or hissing, move them to separate rooms to calm down and then try again after a little bit. Reward each of them for calm behavior.

5.    Make an appointment for your kitten’s first vet check-up

Try to make an appointment with your veterinarian within 1-2 days of your kitten’s arrival.  Steveston Vet Hospital offers free check ups on your kitten within the first week of getting them so make sure to book in right away! Your vet will do a thorough check for any ear mites and fleas, as well as a routine deworming as it is very common for kittens to have worms.  Whether your furry friend goes outside the home or not, they will need kitten vaccinations. These can typically be started at approximately 8 weeks of age. This would also be a great time to visit with your veterinarian about what age is appropriate for the spaying or neutering.

Following these steps should make the transition phase into your home go as smoothly as possible.  Enjoy your new baby kitten and don’t hesitate to ask us about any questions you might have!